2017-2018 Service Price Sheet



Regular Scheduled Service Call: Monday-Friday  Daytime  $100/hr.   (+parts & labor)

*Emergency Call : Monday-Friday   Daytime  $150.00/hr. (+parts & labor)

After Hours Service Call:  Monday-Friday   Evenings    $150.00/hr.   (+parts & labor)

*A call will be considered an "Emergency" any time that we have to stop what we are currently doing for a "scheduled" customer and come to provide service to you. Or, if you request immediate assistance and you are not able to be put on the regular schedule, please be aware that emergency rates will apply. Any calls after 5pm, on the weekend or holiday will also be subject to the emergency rates as listed on this page.



SATURDAYS:          $150.00/hr.         (+parts & labor)

SUNDAYS:              $150.00/hr.         (+parts & labor)

HOLIDAYS:             $250.00/hr.         (+parts & labor)

Annual Tune-up (Cleaning)     
According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, regular furnace tune-ups can extend the life of the furnace, cut heating costs, limit breakdowns and repairs, and reduce the amount of smoke and other pollutants released into the atmosphere. Oil-fired furnaces should be tuned up and cleaned annually.
  • Clean boiler or furnace flue, replace oil filter and gasket, fuel pump strainer & burner nozzle
  • Check fuel flow, Adjust flame ignitors
  • Test Transformer and high tension leads
  •  Inspect burner end cone
  • Clean burner fan and air shutter
  •  Inspect burner pump coupling
  • Test flame safety lockout
  • Test high temperature limit safety
  • Test low water cutoff (steam system only)
  • Drain expansion tank if necessary
  • Test service switch operation
  •  Lubricate burner motor
  •  Lubricate circulator motors/blower motors
  •  Inspect belts and air filter (warm air system)-Warm air filter replacement cost is NOT included in this price
*Systems that have not been regularly cleaned may require additional parts and labor. Any additional issues that are uncovered at the time of the cleaning will be discussed with you and additional parts and labor charges may apply. The price of 145$ is for a standard cleaning lasting approximately one hour with no other problems arising.

Anti-Gel Additive ~ 4-in-1 Heating Oil Treatment

$17.00 16oz. bottle

Totally disperses water, controls waxing & gelling
Cleans pump, filter and burner tips while stabilzing fuel
Promotes clean flame while reducing smoke
Eliminates soot and removes "varnish"