This Easy Flex 316 liners are recommended when venting wood, pellet, oil, or gas burning appliances.
Easy Flex features the unique Fast and Easy connection system. The Fast and Easy connection system makes your install job run quickly and smoothly. Each connection in the liner system can be made by simply tightening one screw. This screw pulls a strong connecting band tight around the liner for a strong and tight joint. Unlike many other liner systems, the Easy Flex Liner is so simple to use and install that one man can get the job done.

Experience peace of mind, with the knowledge that your chimney is lined by a fully UL tested and listed liner system. The Easy Flex liner is listed under the UL 1777 standard by the Underwriters Laboratories. Our world class liner features a Seven-ply seam with ten corrugations between each reinforced seam. It is both air and water tight and others superior flexibility.

The included top plate and wind cap protect your chimney liner system and your roof from the elements. They stop water from entering into your home and help ensure the longevity of the liner system. Our exclusive top plate is resistant to sagging and leaking and will hold your Chimney liner system in place even in the strongest of storms.

Item #316 SS KIT